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Call Center CTI: Implemo’s foundation team is the team that built the original CTI module in Siebel. Collectively they have successfully helped numerous Siebel customers in deploying Call Center solutions at their distributed environments. Our advanced consulting services are very familiar with skills based routing, PBX gateways, Work force management, CTI Middlewares like (Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Aspect). When we design and architect the call center solution we ensure the following:

    • Fastest Call Handling time
    • Softphone and tighter integration with Siebel Business framework
    • Seamless Transfers between External Call Centers.
    • IVR Integration

Upgrade Services
: Implemo’s experienced consultants can help you with your enterprise-wide Siebel upgrades. As former Siebel engineers, we bring deep knowledge about all Siebel product platforms, and ensure the following during the upgrade process:

    • Same or better performance as the previous implementation
    • Tuning of the Siebel Configuration
    • Shortest time to upgrade by performing advanced upgrade tuning

Siebel Expert Review Services
: Should you be concerned about your Siebel applications not working as well as you thought it would, Implemo can offer strategic consulting in reviewing your implementation. Our Siebel Expert Review Services include verifying the correct usage of Siebel objects, recommending suggestions to improve performance, scalability, maintenance, and behavior of the application.


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