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CRM Strategy

Implemo offers world-class management consulting services covering the complete life-cycle of a CRM deployment. Implemo’s technical staff average eight or more years of industrial experience and are experts in a wide range of technologies, and our know-how has been one of the key reasons that our customers come back to us for advice and larger project scopes.

If you are a technology vendor and would like to integrate your products with Siebel, you can further leverage Implemo’s broad and deep knowledge in Siebel EAI.

For CRM strategic planning, Implemo performs the following:

  • Review and justify the business values from the requirements.
  • Understand the technical architecture and point out the potential performance bottlenecks and reliability concerns.
  • Examine the requirements in scalability, performance and reliability to meet the production needs.
  • Understand the business practice and suggest the appropriate functionalities to fit into the business model.
  • Analyze the integration points with the third party vendors and suggest the appropriate integration methods.
  • Determine the deployment layout and the roadmap of CRM solution.
  • Review the current project issues and propose the best solution


CRM Strategy
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