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Why choose Implemo

Implemo founders are specialized in Management consulting & Siebel Implementations. They have in depth knowledge in Design, Development & Support of Siebel Applications at various Global 2000 firms.We specialize in CTI, one of the core modules in Call Center implementation and is often one of the most complex integration involving PBX, IVR, CTI Middleware servers and Siebel Communication Server. CTI integration involves heterogeneous hardware communications, telephony middleware interaction and complicated call activity processing.

Implemo’s skilled professionals deliver the highest quality of services to streamline Call Center operations and improve customer experience. Our technical staff are well versed in the best practices of implementing Siebel covering UI development, Siebel Tools, Siebel Object Manager, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process development, Siebel Server Configuration, Performance tuning and CTI. Our professionals are familiar with a wide range of technologies including databases, programming languages and system engineering software. Implemo’s technical strength has been one of leading factors for the successful Siebel implementations at many client locations.

Implemo believes that there are two driving factors beyond the industry-standard methodology that set us apart. They are simply thoroughness and diligence. You may have a good methodology to follow, but if your consultants do not have the quality to execute the methodology, all efforts could be in vain. Implemo inculcates this quality of execution in every one of its team members.
Implemo's team ensures that all open issues of a phase are fully resolved before entering the next phase. There no "future" loopholes left in our process management, and thus we have ensured every project we undertake are completed within time, scope, and functionality.

We outline our obessive focus on the thoroughness and dedication in the following illustration:
CRM Strategy
Call Center-CTI
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