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Why Choose Implemo?
Implemo founders are specialized in Siebel Call Center and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI is one of the core modules in Call Center implementation and is often one of the most complex integration. CTI integration involves heterogeneous hardware communications, telephony middleware interaction and complicated call activity processing.

Implemo’s skilled CTI professionals deliver the highest quality of services to streamline Call Center operations and improve customer experience. Our technical staff are versed in the best practice of implementing Siebel covering UI development, Siebel Tool, Siebel Object Manager, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process development, Siebel server and etc. Our professionals are familiar with a wide range of technologies including databases, programming languages and system engineering software. Implemo’s technical strength has been one of leading factors for the successful Siebel implementation at many client locations.

How do you solve CRM issues in your organization?

If you are looking for an integration solution with Siebel products, Implemo has an end-to-end methodology covering from UI interaction to the back-end communication between enterprise products. Based on customer business requirements, Implemo can help determine the best integration points and implementation methods for the finest business result.

There could be many different reasons causing project in risk. Here we list some of commonly seen mistakes for your information. Please contact Implemo to discuss how we can help your project.

Category Requirements management
Mistakes - Lacking a good understanding of requirements
- Overwhelmed by the amount of requirements
- Unclear business values from requirements
What Implemo does

We observe your daily business practice in order to fully understand your business requirements. We evaluate each requirement in detail and work with your staff to justify the business values. In case we discover any requirement that is low value with high risk, we bring that to your attention. We work with your staff to verify the business values after the requirements are implemented.

Implemo recommends the priority of each requirement and suggests the appropriate delivery cycle for your project roll out.

Requirement management is the first step towards the success of a CRM implementation. It is also extremely important when integrating products with different vendors.

Category Project management
Mistakes - Unclear project direction
- Unstructured project management
What Implemo does

Project management is not just about entering everything into the project plan. An effective project management covers: direction, strategy, task precedence, cost management, load balancing, skill growing, risk management and etc. Implemo's project managers are well capable to provide you the world class of project handling.

Category Laidback attitude
Mistakes - Too many "it should be working"
- Insufficient stress test
- Negligence of detail
What Implemo does

There is no room for a hypothetical practice of "it should be working." Instead, the correct practice is “let’s prove it works as expected."

Lacking the stress test can significantly impact your TCO and ROI. Implemo completes the system testing thoroughly to ensure performance, scalability and reliability.

Category Risk management
Mistakes - Frustrated by the countless unexpected
- Missing the clear plan to tackle issues
- Indecisive on risks
What Implemo does

We repeatedly analyze where the risks could arise and determine whether it is resource related or it is technical related. For each occurring risk, Implemo calmly evaluate the situation and carefully execute the risk-resolution plan. We do due diligence at each project phase to ensure all open issues are resolved before entering the next project phase.

Category Technical management
Mistakes - Understaff the project
- Poor Siebel technical knowledge
What Implemo does

Before replenishing the work force, Implemo reviews the resource allocation and resource usage. Understaffed situations could be resolved by effective project management and appropriate task assignment.

Implemo has talented professionals with in-depth knowledge in Siebel. We are versed in the best practice of implementing Siebel and we are familiar with a wide range of technologies to able to complete your project correctly and effectively.


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