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CRM Focus

Most enterprises lack knowledge in efficient use of CRM at the front-office environment, where Service, Marketing & Sales users require a 360-degree view of the customer data. We enable this vision by integrating CRM with any legacy and backend systems for real time information.

In many CRM environments, there is a large platform need for Siebel Call Center to work with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI is one of the core modules in Call Center implementation, and is often one of the most complex integration. CTI integration involves heterogeneous hardware communications, telephony middleware interaction and complicated call activity processing.

Implemo’s pioneering experience in the CTI space is a valuable asset to our consulting services, as we bring out-of-box thinking to resolving customer issues in their daily businesses.

If your enterprise seeks to learn more about our methodology or require training sessions for your IT teams, please contact us.

CRM Focus
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